The Youngster who Proposed the Name of Youm e Takbeer still waiting for Prize Money


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Today is 28th may the day on which pakistan became the nuclear power.I Still remember ptv announced on television to propose the name of this day and a youndg boy from karachi Mujtaba Rafiq of class 3 proposed this name and the name was selected

after 13 years have passed PML N celebrating this day as Takbeer Day and why not this is indeed a big achievement for this nation and PML N's too.but the boy who proposed this name is still waiting for the prize money.Mr Nawaz Sharif who always says that "Hum Usoooli Siasat krte hain" now my question is that what is the difference between Mr.10 % and So Called Mr.Ameer Ul Momineeen and JI and PTI all of them commits this nation and then one says "yeh Quran o Hadees nahi hai" the other forgets his commitments the 3rd one uses Islam and last but not the least moves here and there kabhi Musharraf to kabhi Nawaz Sharif.

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Youm Takbeer Time To Remember Our Nuclear Heroes

On the 13th Youm-e-Takbeer Samaa TV Report About Nawaz Shariff's Promise which He Made to Youth Boy Syed Waseem who Suggest "Youm Takbeer "
Syed Waseem acknowledged Mr Shariff promise which he Did not Fulfill While he Remember ever word of Zardari