The reason why nawaz sharif has the support of international players


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Pakistani Corrupt Parties ke pass do hi choices hain.Ya Nawaz ko hata kar
is system ko bacha lein ya phir Army ke take over ka intzar karay jis ke
bad kam z kam 10 sal ke lia Pakistan mien Democracy nahi aya gi. Bohat
sakht ehtsab ho ga.Army ne Pakistan ko high risk par rakh kr itney din
chance diya ha PPP.PMLN.MQM.ANP,JUI,JI ke leadero ko.Mazay
ki bat ye ha ke ehtsab howa tu 70% majodah MNAs.MPAs sari
zindagi apnay bacho.relatives ke sath jailo mien saray gein.
So decisive moment for Corrupt leaders.


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Yes Brother looks like we will be the slaves of these two corrupt families for long time to come.But we should not give up look at the Akhwan-ul- Muslimeen in Egypt.they were trying since the last 80 odd years.When they finally convinced the people through their hard work,look what happened to them.


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Most of times Allah swt has his own ways of doing things some times we understand some time we don't.We can only convince him of doing things our way through our Deeds.Which we don't have much to show.


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Yahi to rona h k hm pakistani inhi families k ghulam bany howy h aur ye log hmary hi paiso pe badshaa bany howay. I wish Allah hm sb ko hidayat dy.


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Pat and pti both zakat khor they cant bring inqlab but need to think who give them 3 to 4 arab for this long march
yes, as long as they religiously protect and follow the constitution's clauses which are only in their interest. Yesterdays bill presented in the assembly is a classic example. We need someone to suspend the constitution, do a system cleansing, ensure no corrupt elements are left to participate in the elections. We never had a pure Military dictatorship and all military dictators, to prolong their ruling joined hands with the corrupt political dictators that has led us here. This time we expect the army dictators will not repeat the mistakes that all prior army dictators made!!!!