Some Truth about This Govt. by Arif Hameed Bhatti


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Truth About of What is Happening in Pakistan By This "N" Govt.
Facts Behind "Sikandar" Production Explained.

Arif Hameed Bhatti with Ch Ghulam Hussain in CGHKS on Business Plus

Other Participants are Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhary (President, PTI Punjab) and Muhammad Akram Chaudhary (PML-Q and Analyst)

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This guy gets carried away a little. His idiotic explanation that the jammers prevents any explosive material from detonating within the radius of 500 ft(6:20). He is supposed to be in the know but seems clueless that jammers can only disrupt the radio signals preventing the bomb to be exploded remotely as was the case with the first assassination attempt on Musharraf. The failure of the first attempt due to jammers forced the attackers in the second attempt to use suicide bombers and negate the jammer effect.
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