So Much Happened To Pakistan Why We Never Asked Questions, Are we a dead Nation ?

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Re: Are we a dead Nation ?

apparently YES, .... BUT... I ve blind faith on ALLAH SWT, that we will rise soon ... if we put ourselves accountable first & follow the rules of life define in Quarn & Shirah ..... I hope In Sha ALLAH the change is coming after every dark their must be a dawn .... but our rising is late due to our BAD actions collectively & individually ..... for a change in the nation ...we must bring change in ourselves first, must leave our wrong doings .....


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Change uss waqt tak nahi aaey ga,,, Jab tak hum iss political class ko ya to beech sarak per latka na dein, ya hameshan k liay silakho k peachey na daal dein,, jab tak hamari in corrupt, munafiq, traitors, qatil, bhatta khor, 2 number k molvio, corrupt army genrails, corrupt judges, police officers, govt officers, se jaan nahi choot jati, tab tak koi change nahi aa sakti,,


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there is no doubt that pak is dead nation. its beocme coward due to this army involment in Politics. bez army Gernals were and soo much cowards and unfortunatlly they have infulance in politics in Pak. American always bring those who they think can control politicians in pak. They study the psycho and history of those who can sell their mother for dollars and theirself so they bring those whom histroy has been a slave throughout. LOok at which muslims rule india for 1000 years. mugals who were they? Turkish, and from central asian states. and afganis. NO clear history of actual indians inluding hindos, sikhs,, pujabies shows any history of Rulers. they always do currelty on their own people. if i am wrong. give me good reasons.
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