SM Qurehsi showing Hallbrook and Kevin Rid his family Business venture


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What these two must be thinking, why do these Pakistanis are wasting money on graves of dead people while lot people are without food and shelter...


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See how these craps look like cousins--- Same ideas, same agenda, same intentions.


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A Jew & a Christian having fun at a Muslim's grave with a so called contractor of Islam ( Makdomzada SMQ )


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btw they are not forefathers of SM Qureshi ..
SM Qureshi family used to be guardian of these shrines .. with time when they say how profitable it can be ..
they took over the control decades ago ...

sarbakaf - Blogger
yeh hotee hai khabees aulaad .....aisay logon ko lay kar kabar per gaya jo loog dua bee nahi kar saktay .....

tooba tooba.........

most important thing is ...we have seen american ambassador visiting shrines in punjab , and funding few for reconstructions etc after blasts, and these americans visiting forefathers of qureshi.....can you see the big game behind that ?
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