Shipping containers double as kitchens, libraries and schools - SOUTH AFRICA - Gr8 idea!


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The box rooms
Thinking out of the box so to speak, Breadline Africa then converted old shipping containers into just about anything you can think of - schools, kitchens, clinics, libraries - that is required in a community.

In fact, the very first initiative Breadline Africa embarked upon way back in 1992 was to request donations to purchase old and decommissioned shipping containers. Apart from being strong, they also offer protection against the elements. They are easy to install, can be moved to different locations if necessary and are easy to clean. Containers can double as toilets, kitchens, homes, indoor play areas...

Breadline also has a container that has an interesting history. In 2008, the BBC, as part of an editorial project, connected a GPS transmitter to a shipping container to track international trade. The Box, as it was named, travelled around the globe delivering goods. Once the project was over, the BBC donated the container to Breadline Africa. Thus it came to rest in a little town in the Western Cape.

"I'm delighted this editorial venture is now going to have a long-term charitable benefit," said Jeremy Hillman, BBC news editor.
The Box is now a fully equipped soup kitchen that serves the underprivileged of Kleinvlei in the semi-rural community of Eerste Rivier (Afrikaans for First River) outside Cape Town.

Old shipping containers have also been converted into clinics where local nurses and volunteers can attend to patients. "I added value to the container concept by broadening its usage," says Titus. "I've also introduced the idea of container libraries where children can come and read."
Titus says they are lucky because they receive generous donations from sponsors. "From donations and benefits we try to create an atmosphere that will make young people look forward to going to school and become eager to pursue education. We want to give them the best opportunities from the limited resources we have. We assess a community's needs and work out a plan to deal with them. We place more value on youngsters," she says.


It's a fantastic idea, Any decent Pakistan NGO's can do this in remote areas..