1. S

    Great movie 'The Devil's Double' - UK Premiere is out in Cinemas on 12th August 2011

  2. mrcritic

    Shipping containers double as kitchens, libraries and schools - SOUTH AFRICA - Gr8 idea!

    The box rooms Thinking out of the box so to speak, Breadline Africa then converted old shipping containers into just about anything you can think of - schools, kitchens, clinics, libraries - that is required in a community. In fact, the very first initiative Breadline Africa embarked upon way...
  3. hans

    ISI Double Game .... S-Wing operation details. An Eye Opener review.

    Source: ISI Double Game Founded in 1948 by a British army officer, Major General William Cawthorne, the ISI ballooned in the 1980s when the CIA entrusted it with billions of dollars of assistance for mujahideen...
  4. awan4ever

    Signs Of The Times? For the Army fanboys who are running for cover after the double bogey of Ray Dav

    Signs Of The Times? Let's get some things straight. There are still a large number of BIG questions unanswered about the killing in Abbottabad of Osama bin Laden. Many in Pakistan are choosing to obsess over how the American Navy...
  5. Ozmurd

    CIA double game

    Why there is discussion about ISI double game but no one talks about CIA role? Have people forgotten Raymond Davis already? Who was he working for? Where all the funding of TTP comes from? There also lies huge contradiction of words and action in US policy, why is it not a discussion? I agree...