1. mrcritic

    Shipping containers double as kitchens, libraries and schools - SOUTH AFRICA - Gr8 idea!

    The box rooms Thinking out of the box so to speak, Breadline Africa then converted old shipping containers into just about anything you can think of - schools, kitchens, clinics, libraries - that is required in a community. In fact, the very first initiative Breadline Africa embarked upon way...
  2. Skeptic

    Any Idea about this New Geo Show?????

    Anyone of you aware of this new show on GEO Saw this advert on 29th June 2011 e-Paper
  3. haqiqat

    anyone got idea for this video what is it all about ?

  4. PkRevolution

    New recycling Idea "BinCam". Pictures automatically uploaded on Facebook !

    Camera function fails if you put rubbish in a plastic bag and then throw it in bin. Researchers did not think about it.:) A laser scanner is also required :P
  5. Wadaich

    Zulm Ki Fasal Puk Chuki- A column by Haroon Ur Rasheed. Which leader shall survive and shine?? Any I

  6. simple_and_peacefull

    National Business Idea Competition: In the market for original ideas

    By Rahib Raza Published: March 13, 2011 FAST Business Club hosts national business idea competition. LAHORE: The Business Club at the Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology (FAST) organised its National Business Idea Competition on Friday. A total of 25 teams from...