Shaista Wahidis protocol costs PIA millions of rupees


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Karachi: The Pakistan International Airlines staff delayed a Karachi-bound flight for at least 20 minutes for Dr Shaista Wahidi, who hosts a morning show on a private television channel.
A widely circulated Urdu language newspaper on Thursday said that the Airbus-310 had to wait for the celebrity with all passengers on board and the engines switched on. The passengers kept asking as to why the plane was not taking off when there was no seat for a passenger.The paper said that the passengers were surprised to see Shaista getting on the plane minutes after a passenger was off loaded to accommodate the celebrity.According to the report, Shaista Wahidis protocol cost to the already crisis stricken national fleet millions of rupees as the plane wasted fuel while waiting for her. The passengers were also annoyed over the PIA staff for undue wait they had to experience.The PIA chief Rao Qamar Suleman has ordered an inquiry, suspending shift incharge of air traffic department.


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The Airbus-310 had to wait for the celebrity,

Who she is?
And why plane waiting for her?
Is she a VVIP?and where she is boarding and to where she is going?

Saladin A

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Pakistani anchor women and show presenters should demonstrate modesty, morality and decency on TV. But, instead they encourage liberalism, secularism and immodesty as well as outrageous ostentation wearing hundreds of thousands of rupees of dresses.

They should instructed by their TV moguls to represent Islamic culture and values. Unfortunately, they are very bad influence on our young people. I would also like to add that some men presenters are even more vulgar than their female colleagues.


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Hazrat Eesa (AS) aur Imam mehdi ki aamad ki bohut si nishaniyon main se aik nishani yeh bhi hai ke kanja..ron ki bohut Izzat hogi. Shaista wahidi jaisi Ghatya aurat ke liye passengers ko wait kerwaya gaya aur itna nuqsan karwaya gaya .. bohut afsoos ki baat hai


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i totaly doubt this news, passengers cant be boarded with engines on; even for President or PM . No pilot will do 20 minute delay in an airline with his consent only cuz such things can terminate him.


I don't believe this story. Where the flight was going to whether it was domestic or international. Was the plane plane took passengers on tarmac via stairs or on a gate. If the plane was on the gate it can't turn its engine on until towed to the tarmac. The story does not make much sense.
شاہستہ واحدی کیلہے پی اہی اے کی پرواز 20 منٹ ر


شاہستہ واحدی
کیلہے پی اہی اے کی پرواز 20 منٹ روکے جانے کا انکشاف۔۔