Senior journalist Arif Nizami breathes last in Lahore


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Every living soul has to taste the death.
But we can always wish, some to taste theirs earlier, to rid this earth from the garbage.

Ina lillah wa ana alhe rajoun.

I hope he is realising after passing to the other side, all these efforts he done for corrupt Sharif thugs , count for nought. He will now be made responsible for his actions in his life.
With no time for regrets and "Tauba".

If only all Pakistani journalists understand this simple reality of life.
There would be no Sharifs or Zardaris to save your skins, and it would be too late..
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مرحوم آخری وقت تک لفافہ صحافت کے علمبردار رہے- اب اللہ کے پاس کوئی جھوٹ اور مکاری نہیں چلے گی- اللہ لوگوں کو جھوٹ سے نفرت اورپاکستان سے وفاداری کی توفیق دے آمین