Rs. 10 Million in 10 minutes for Imran's cancer hospital Peshawar.


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PESHAWAR: As Imran Khan appealed to well-off people and philanthropists here on Wednesday to donate generously to the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and Research Centre (SKMHRC), Rs 10 million were collected in 10 minutes well before the target.

"We have spent nine billion rupees for the delivery of free and quality medical treatment to cancer patients in the hospital. We collect two billion rupees from Pakistanis every year for the treatment of the poor patients," he said while addressing the annual donation party for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital.

He said during the last one year Shaukat Khanum Healthcare System had launched three mega projects including an out-patient chemotherapy in Karachi diagnosing centre where poor patients were being treated without any cost, Shaukat Khanum Memorial cancer hospital in Peshawar and another inpatient unit in Lahore to double the capacity of the centre.

The construction of cancer hospital in Peshawar would cost Rs400 million, he added. Imran Khan, who is chairman of the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, said the total budget of the hospital is Rs3.6 billion and half of the money was raised with donations from the people.

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Re: Rs. 10m in 10 minutes for Imran's cancer hospital Peshawar

Not only 10 million ( the target ) but an extra million
and still 10 minutes!


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Re: Rs. 10m in 10 minutes for Imran's cancer hospital Peshawar

mashallah is qoom mian spiritual power hay


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Re: Rs. 10m in 10 minutes for Imran's cancer hospital Peshawar

MashAllah .........keep it up Imran Khan...and also i appriciate the Pakistanis who donated for such a nice cause

jazakAllah khair


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good rulers are Gift of Allah , and Allah is one of those leaders, who can be blessing for this nation, but to become ruler of this country , needs our support he is not kind of person who will come in power buy means of lies, by means of cheap and munafiqana tactics or by making deals with forigen powers and fake votes, those come in power like this they are not blessing they are curse and we have seen this from the examples of nawaz, zardari, and all others.

support imran khan if you love this country