Cancer cases set to soar by 77% – WHO

    More than 35 million cases are expected in the next quarter-century, a new study warns In this photo illustration, the World Health Organization (WHO) logo is seen on a smartphone and in the background © Getty Images / Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images Global cases of...
  2. P

    Angelina Jolie opens up about losing her mother to cancer

    Angelina Jolie, the actress who is famously known as the Mistress of Evil, Maleficent, revealed a heartwarming letter about her struggle about losing her mother to cancer. Jolie on Thursday wrote a gut-wrenching and heartwarming essay in ‘Time’, in which, she talked about the struggles she...
  3. B

    Raising funds for free cancer treatment for needy people in Pakistan at Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospit

    Dear all fellow members, :) I am raising funds for free cancer treatment of needy people in Pakistan because I have chosen Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital Charity as a part of EMA (European Commission's) fundraising program. Fundraising page...
  4. funkymonk

    Request: Does anyone have video where Zulfiqar Mirza said MQM is like breast cancer ?

    Hi I am looking for the video .. which was on ARY I believe .. where Zulfikar Mirza mentioned MQM is like breast cancer .. does anyone have the video ?
  5. 1-Man-Army

    Rs. 10 Million in 10 minutes for Imran's cancer hospital Peshawar.

    PESHAWAR: As Imran Khan appealed to well-off people and philanthropists here on Wednesday to donate generously to the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and Research Centre (SKMHRC), Rs 10 million were collected in 10 minutes well before the target. "We have spent nine billion rupees for the...
  6. 1-Man-Army

    Shaukat Khanam Cancer Empire!!!!

  7. A

    Indonesia clinic treats cancer with cigarretes

  8. Rana Tahir Mahmood

    Cancer Diagnosing by Dog - France research
  9. ziakhan

    Shoukat Khanam Cancer Hospital - No charges for deserving patients? Please share your experience?

    Any body, Who can personally visited SKCH to and observed that the cure is free for deserving people. This is just for information. Thanks, ZIA
  10. simple_and_peacefull

    Pir practice: A haircut and a cure for cancer on the side

    Published: March 13, 2011 Local barber turns pir for treating terminal diseases by cutting patients after giving them a haircut. KHANEWAL: A local barber turned pir has gained fame for treating terminal diseases like cancer and hepatitis by cutting patients with a blade after giving them a...
  11. B

    Can we do something for this cancer patient ?

    Please see 5:15 onwards. Can we do something for him or at least could pray for his early recovery.