Reporter -14th July 2011 - Daylight Robbery By Ruling Elite Of Pakistan


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Pakistan has become a country where a few rich powerful people can do day light robberies and get away with. These corrupt leaders never follow rule of law in a country where justice is hand maiden of the rich and the powerful. Is the future of Pakistan hostage to Bilawal, Moonis and Hamza? Will we ever evolve and see things through the eyes of a common man? Pakistan is on the verge of hopelessness


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very well done arshad sharif. I have been crying the same thing for the last three years but no one paid any attention and why they do ? Simple reason , no opposition in the country .PML-N had their govt in Punjab as a gift, MQM ,Jui-f, ANP and PML-Q with the govt so all the chors got together and army is sitting on the side just watching ,nation is being destroyed but no action .SC and army could have put a caretaker govt with technocrats who are honest and sincere ,would revive the economy,control corruption and law and order situation for six months then hold the elections .we cannot blame one person but instead all these B****politicians except IK an honest person ,he was asking for a change of govt .So where the common person go and beat their chests when no one is ready to listen ? Looks like the whole nation is gone into coma ?
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