1. C

    Elite Forces stint with VVIPs to end

    LAHORE: The Punjab government is likely to withdraw officials of the Elite Police Force (EPF) from security duties with Very Very Important Personalities (VVIPs). A committee headed by the chief secretary has approved the move in light of the rising criticism of the force’s VVIP security...
  2. Rana Tahir Mahmood

    Elite Pakistanis in London Casinos - Gambling

  3. Reporter

    Reporter -14th July 2011 - Daylight Robbery By Ruling Elite Of Pakistan

  4. Bilal_Mushi

    Pakistans poor political elite?

    Pakistans poor political elite? ISLAMABAD - The laughably pitiful attitude of the parliamentarians to hide their wealth details, this time from Punjab and Sindh assemblies, saw the habitually annual repetition on Friday after the Election Commission of Pakistan finally took the pain to make...
  5. C

    Bilderberg 2011 : Elite class decides fate of the world.

    All of the content is copied from prison planet. Kindly visit the site . http://www.prisonplanet.com/bilderberg-2011-prisonplanet-com-master-page.html Background: What Is The Bilderberg Group? The following articles provide some important information on the elite agenda of the...
  6. adslpxp2

    Pakistan's insensitive & "almighty" ruling elite

    Can someone explain what is happening in this video and who is this person on the wheel chair.
  7. canadian

    Protecting the elite: Special Force being set up for VIP security !!!

    Protecting the elite: Special Force being set up for VIP security By Anwer Sumra Published: April 30, 2011 Elite Force to return to its counter terrorism mission. PHOTO: AFP/FILE LAHORE: The Punjab government intends to establish a Special Protection Force (SPF) for the security of very...