"Re-Engineering Pakistan" Exhibition, Message of hope from Youth of Pakistan

Syed Muzdwar Ali

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No Words Buzz words and plans, Efforts on ground, this is why i like MQM... hats off for APMSO and Youth that are really practical and working on ground for Youth of Pakistan without any discrimination of cast, color, creed and religion :)
our Tehreeks of Internet should learn from them...


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Great message for the youth.....but "Tehreeks of Internet should learn from them" as long as you admit your leader is traitor who made statement against the very foundation of Pakistan and that also India...Muzdwar Ali are you willing to condemn this?


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BABANG E DEHL moh phar phar kar jhoot bolney sai
SIHAHI ko SAFAIDI sai nahi badla ja sakta

APMSO jis nai banai thi woh AB LONDON ka BAGORA kehlata hai
Aur karachi kai taleemi idaroon mai APMSO nai kia GUL khilaye hain
Woh har STUDENT ko pata hai.


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WatanDost[B said:

Aur karachi kai taleemi idaroon mai APMSO nai kia GUL khilaye hain
Woh har STUDENT ko pata hai

Best Statement, apmso is limiting the true potential of students.

Karachi has more talent then what a political video can capture.

Note: Great work by our genius students!!

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Wish all the best to, and pray for the success of all Pakistanis especially the young, I hope they become restless also as per Allama Iqbal.


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look who has started the thread allaboutmqm.org, bewaja ka credit lena to MQM ki purani adat hey, ab Universities ka Chancellor MQM ka hey to obviously koi bi conference, workshop ya convocation waghera me ye he age honge to is ka matlab sare youth ka credit in ka hua..........Projects to larke banate he rehte hen right from start.........What is the special change they have brought in the youth........But never the less it is v. good step to promote youth and make them feel that they can now achieve their dreams..........by hardwork
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