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  1. L

    Abrar Ul Haq....... Tax Chor

    So.... Guess who is a tax evader.... ABRAR UL HAQ..... ISLAMABAD: A legendary former cricketer and a pop singer turned activist have been identified among those who operate dozens of bank accounts, own luxury vehicles...
  2. Syed Muzdwar Ali

    3rd Pakistan Youth Congress, Drug Free Pakistan

  3. Syed Muzdwar Ali

    "Re-Engineering Pakistan" Exhibition, Message of hope from Youth of Pakistan

  4. Syed Muzdwar Ali

    Young, Educated & Middle Class Leadership of Pakistan

  5. PkRevolution

    Youth and educated pakistanis in Germany and England started Pakistan revolution process!!!!!!

    Pakistanis in Overseas countries are very much worried about their homeland. Recently youth organisations in Germany and England started cooperation collecting educated people / Students on Internet plateforms for a collective Struggle. Pakistani Educated people anywhere in the world are...
  6. PkRevolution

    Educated Pakistani Youth in Germany and England started revolution process in Pakistan- 1 Million re

    A new Facebook Group has been recently launched in Germany for prepairing revolution process in Pakistan. Aim is to collect 1 million students / educated people in pakistan and educated pakistani abroad to step forward. Please take active part to promote Group's struggle...