Qaza umri namaz


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Salaat is prescribed for Momneen on FIXED HOURS. This is Quranic Order.
If I take the words of Hadith, it conveys "Naam Unha" (means one who
kept sleep). So There is no concept of Qazay-Umeri either. If Fajr is forgotten
then do it on Zohr and etc. etc, IN THE SAME DAY.
Offering Slaat of whole year on Juma-tul-widaha (last friday of Ramzaan)
seems far fetched.


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Subhan Allah,

Merey bhai, Islam main Qazae umri namaz nahi hai, jo bhi waqt miley aap namaz padhein, sirf do auqaat main namaz nahi parhi ja sakti, tuloo e aftab aur ghuroub e aftab, zawal key waqt namaz ki mumniyat hai,

Aap per farz hai, farz rakatein zarour parh lain, sunat e moukada ko bhi aap late karna chahein to kar lein, magar koshish karein key farz ksis bhi soorat main na chootein, chahey koi bhi hajat ho jayey,


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To be very honest, our members should refrain posting these type of threads, which could misguide someone, and trust me whole of the sin will remain forever till that misguided person will be follow the shirk, again I will ask, management to restrict this post.


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Very good and complete information and thanks fro sharing it with us in this forum ..... ALLAH will give you AJR for that karachiwala... Thank you.....


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I am feeling very sorry for you, this kind of negative propaganda and maipulation have made people blind, what H.E Mr.Zardai, said yeh Ibatgah Hai, yah per ibadat karo, so what's wrong in it, now this tomb have big Masjid, where people come to pray, they pray "DAROUD"

Better listen carefully and understand appropriately, donot spread hatred just the sack of Hatred.

And here subject was different, this post is misguiding innocent, if you are supporter of this thread then I could understand your believe.


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Thanks for the info----- There is a Qaza-e-Umri namaaz in Islam.... the last friday of Ramazan, i havent heard about tht... but it can be done anytime...
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