Punjab vs KPK performace with Proofs

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The question of priority: KPK is the only province whose allocation of education budget for all of the past 5 years met UNESCO guildeline that is above 20%. Punjab and Sindh on the other hand have never met this guideline. In the history of Pakistan, KPK is the only province which spends around 30%( 1 3rd) of its budget on education. https://tribune.com.pk/story/1667132/1-major-allocations-k-p-province-allocate-20-education/ No other province has even spent 1 5th of its budget ever on education in the history of Pakistan. Basic School infrastructure score in KP (Toilets, Furniture, etc..) goes up by 25% in last 5 years while in Punjab it has only gone up by 5%. Alif ailaan report puts 9 KPK districts among the top 10 districts by education. Major crackdown on cheating done in schools so that the kids can compete in future. Stipend announced for young girls so that they go to school. Punjab govt is privatizing government schools while in KPK kids from private schools have switched to government schools.


Doctors increased by 200% in last 5 years, OPD and mobile health units, sehat insaf card.

Dawn (Herald) and SDPI Survey,


18% people in KPK said that the health facilities are poor. In Punjab 28% said it is very poor. In Sindh 48% said it is very poor. In Balochistan where PML N was in power for the last 5 years, 76% termed it as very poor.


Fafen survey says in Punjab around 12% people bribe, in sindh 10% people brible.. In KP only 1%. This makes Punjab the most corrupt province followed by Sindh 10%, KP the least corrupt province. The survey was done in 2016, so only 3 years of performance of KP government vs 8 years of PMLN government. http://fafen.org/fafen-survey-on-perception-of-corruption-in-government-institutions/

This is only for bribe, nepotism is another form of corruption which cannot be measured but IK has no relatives in KP gov. Comission in megaprojects is another form of corruption. Transparency can deal with this kind of corruption. In Punjab , there is no contract available for mega projects, whole records are being burned. In KP the right to information makes transparency the primary priority of government. Any body can go and see BRT project’s document. People who say that BRT is expensive, they should first show the contract of Lahore metro, which will never be made available. In Short (Punjab main sarkari mehkmon main rishwat sab say ziyada chalti hay, KP main sab say kam)

Police, Crime and Jails:

Punjab’s jails are so poor that NS cannot sleep. Who was responsible for improving the conditions of the Jails.
Geo TV reported that According to the interior ministry reply in national assembly, Punjab has the highest crime rate in the whole country. data from the last five years that out of all the robbery and street crime 80% cases are reported in Punjab.

Comment, they did not say it exactly like this but this is a nice way to present the numbers:

What they said is following:

According to the ministry, data from the last five years shows that out of 374,000 cases of robberies reported in the country 310,000 were reported in Punjab while out of 120,000 cases of street crime reported 93,000 were registered in Punjab.

The assembly was informed that 46,000 cases of robbery and 21,000 cases of street crime were reported in Sindh, while 8,000 cases of robbery and 765 cases of street crime were reported in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


The drawbacks of Lahore centric development flow to Lahoris: is huge population inflow, pollution and water scarcity. Lahore will not be a place worth living after 10 years . A WWF report says, “By 2025 Lahore’s population will be increased to about 22 million. By 2025, Lahore’s water table will go down by 100%”.
Every year we see more and more smog in Lahore. We have now 4 months of poisonous air in the lungs of our elderly and children. New born babies are most affected from smog because they need to breathe faster and get more oxygen. Unicef says smog can permanently damage the functioning the lungs and brains of new born babies. Had shareef brothers a stake in Lahore, or their new borns were to be born in gawalmandi, they would have done something to help the pollution and water scarcity.

Environment: WWF report:


“By 2025 Lahore’s population will be increased to about 22 million. By 2025, Lahore’s water table will go down by 100% . 110 feet more (from 120 feet to roughly 230 feet). By 2030 the water will not be coming from Ravi Basin and become saline because of pressure on surrounding Basin..”

The pollution level will only go up with this policy. Lahore will not be a place worth living in 10 years.

A guardian report tells:

Pakistan is already ranked third in the world – behind China and India – for the number of deaths caused by pollution, with 125,000 people killed annually, according to one measure by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, a research institute founded by the Gates Foundation. This makes it the leading cause of sickness and death in Pakistan, as well as reduced life expectancy by 60 months. The figure is well beyond the estimated 60,000 people who have died in militancy-wracked years-long battle against extremism.

Smog has become 5th season in Lahore. Air quality in Lahore is 30x worse than national guidelines (PAQI data). This causes eye, skin and acute/chronic respiratory diseases. Experts say that , if the air pollution reaches beyond a certain threshold (300 micrograms per cubic meter), a health emergency should be declared, which would shorten work days, shut down schools and limit children’s outdoor activity. While Lahore remains well above 300 for the 4 months of smog season.

Unicef says smog has severely detrimental affects on a newborn’s brain and lungs and can damage it for life. Children are uniquely vulnerable to air pollution, breathing faster than adults on average and taking in more air relative to their body weight. The report also notes that air pollution is a major contributing factor in the deaths of around 0.6 million children under age 5 every year " Apni aanay wali naslon ka socho.

5.88% of GDP is n is the estimated economic burden of air pollution in Pakistan. Urgent action on air pollution makes economic sense.

2200 Trees cut in Lahore in year 2015 alone.



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It is being said that Perviaz Khattak is admitted in a Punjab hospital these days? If that is true, where is the health improvements?


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You provided education....you provided health....you improved the police.......that is all ? What about JOBS? Hospital aur school tumhare sarr mein maarey? There are no jobs in KPK....there is no industrial zones set up in KPK.....Which company has opened their Headquarters in Peshawar? NONE ...Has GOOGLE or ALI Baba or Amazon opened their ooffice in Peshawar?....Go and checkthe top 100 tallest buildings in Pakistan....not a single one is in KPK! Zero infrastructure ....no tram system in any city....no Metro....No new railway tracks.....There is not a single olympic size swimming pool in KPK. No city in KPK can even host an Asian Games or COmmonwealth games event because you didnt build a single stadium! Maghrib ki misaal dene waley....

Did you introduce a proper point based licencing system in KPK? NO....
Did you make car insurance compulsory as in Maghrib? NO....
Did you declare an Agriculture emergency ? NO....
Did you introduce single syllabus in KPK? NO....
Did you build new cities in KPK to take pressure off Peshawar? NO
Did you set up or encourage tourism infrastructure? NO
Did you build low cost housing for the poor? NO

Education budget ko sarr mein marengey ? People need JOBS to work and earn money....To generate jobs you have to encourage industry....manufacting....tourism.....your performance is ZERO....expect zero infrastructure in the rest of Pakistan after PTI comes to power....as they will be busy in incraesing education budget and redincing their foreign trips.....pathetic loosers

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The answer to most of your questions is yes. poverty reuced in KPK by 10%. Can you tell a single logic where poverty can be reduced without introducing new jobs. Have a look at the following report from economic survey of pakistan

As far as licensing system and insurance for cars,Pakistan is not yet ready for such a change. I live in west and I can tell. Furthermore, this only impacts 5% of the population who have cars. Priorities have to be set up looking at the resources and the impact of funding. As far as single syllabus in KPK , the improvement in education and stopping cheating in schools is a big step towards improvement in education. New cities set up, remember KPK development budget with a mountain terrain is 100 billion rupees. Lahore's development budget is 350 billion rupees. As far as tourism infrastructure goes, getting the province better governed has reaped major forward steps in the direction. Galiyat development authority has set up beautification of Galiyat project
https://twitter.com/x/status/1001070392239411200 PTI KPK plans to open 4 tourist sposts every year and billion tree Tsunami is a big step towards making these places beautiful. They started late but they are picking up. All this in a province where police stations were shut down at 6 pm 4 years before

Cost of housing for the poor. Yuou are right, no thing has been done there.

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by the way in a country like Pakistan where 50% children have stunted growth, you want to see Google settin up a headquarter. You must be a genius to predict that