PTI's downfall and its supporters

Altaf Lutfi

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That was supposed to be symbolic, trying to clarify that IK is not a leader like Churchill and Washington. Leader" is the main word, not political or military.

I agree. IK is not a seasoned politician because without having grown and practiced within the system which has failed to deliver in 68 years, he simply can't be seasoned and cunning. He has stood up against the system rather and in that capacity he should be labelled as pioneer. Pioneer has advantage to commit certain mistakes during experimentation stage. Mao, Lenin, Che, Castro all miscalculated at certain times and reviewed strategy. When we talk about IK+TUQ combined, I call it necessity of the time which put them on such high pedestal because people wanted somebody to speak out for them. There could be somebody else and there is always somebody else when call of the day needs one to stand up. For me, IK and TUQ are only symbols for resistance.They may fail but need for change remains there and it won't go away until issues are targeted to solve. Our ruling mafia for 68 years has failed to gauge the changing times around them and there roar is nothing more than a caged predator.


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what imran khan must fear is his own party members.imran khan while chosing his team did not use his own brain and pasha and haroon rasheed like morons chose his team.
now more than shareef brothers his own party members threaten him.

below news is interesting.shah mehmood told his men that "imran khan will vanish" and he will be next pti chairman! now by vanishing does he mean imran ,s life is under threat from his own team?