PTI MNAs are useless , they love to appear in talk shows but don't know how to function in Parliamen


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klasra is thousand percent right pti parlimentarians ko koi sharam haya ni hai he parliment mai koi
oppsition kar rae hai na punjab assembly mai or seriouly punjab assembly tou aise lag ra hai mehumud rasheed pee k betha hua ha ulu ka patha shahbaz sharef ko khuli choti de hui even he is opposition leader or shahbaz shareef ko khuli choot de hui hai k ja bhai hum tou kuch ni bake ge tu khul k lut mar punjab ko pti ko kuch sharam karne chahye koi opposition ni kar rae na national assemly mai na provencinal assembly mai


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PTI's member national assembly should pull their fingers-out and start doing some constructive work, their job is to point-out government's bad deeds and corruptions. Same applies in KPK, where they should be working on war footing to improve, though, they have step in the right direction, it does need pushing. Being a member of PTI is not an easy task, there is only one thing, work,work and very hard work.


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وہ اس لیے کہ پارلمینٹ میں سب کو تمیز سے مخاطب کرنا کرنا پڑتا ہے . جناب سپیکر ، جناب وزیر اعظم وغیرہ ، اور ان کو عادت پڑی ہوئی ، اوے نواز شریف ، اوے فلانے اوے ٹمکانے کی ، اس لیے وہاں بولتی بند ہو جاتی ہے ...


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Will it make any difference if PTI points out corruption scandals in parliament? Media speaks against them for past 8 years or so, what happened?.m

I think SR words does get to them, I think nxt time PTI Shud allow Sheikh Rasheed to speak. All it would do is get there blood boiling, or they may start barking back.

Yes PTI MNAs are useless in parliament we need loud mouths in there. mushahid Ullah types.

shahbaz tariq

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jab woh kehta hai ky sab chor hain... to is sy bari baat kya khy.... ajeeb ehmakana baat hai..

ab karo 5 saal bardash.... case utany sy kya ho ga... SC or phir saaf ho jayien gy woh sallly...

jab ham awaz utayien tab bi masla nah utayen tab bi masla....

pura NA aik trf PTI aik trf.... pury Pakistan mien aik party ko chor ky Kon kar rha hai Opposition????? :angry_smile:
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