PTCL Broadband Internet will be back to Normal by tonight : PTCL Officials


According to Pakistan Telecommunication Limited Officials, PTCL Broadband Internet would be working back to normal by tonight.

This past weak has been very irritating and frustrating for internet users in Pakistan. Majority of internet users in Pakistan are dependent on PTCL's Broadband internet services due it being the market leader and having monopoly in the market.

Just like majority, many of our respected users at were also dependent on PTCL's Broadband services, so out of their anger and concern talked to Technical Support Representative of PTCL just a while ago.

"The problem is almost sorted out and internet would be working fine as normal by tonight", PTCL Officials assured

On asking a question about speculations roaming on social media saying internet would take at least 20 days to restore, the officials categorically denied dubbing it as rumor.

PTCL fulfills the data needs of Internet users in Pakistan and quality and stability of its services matter a lot to Pakistanis and they want frequent high speed internet without interruption.
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What exactly happened. That should be addressed and discussed here instead you are praising PTCL.
what exactly the problem was?
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