Proud of you BOY. You are educated young man, PTI PP10 candidate who got 37K votes shots this mornin


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Ganjjo k jana is baar akhari jana hoga.... they will never come again...
that's why they are showing their real face now....


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These are pellets from shotgun/ repeaters. Police is using live ammo.
That's why they want all media gone.


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For all those who want to help.
1- Come in numbers do not come alone...police may pick on the stragglers
2-Bring water and edibles that you can carry easily
3- Wear thick clothes and good shoes not sandals
4- Also have some thing to cover your face if tear gas is used again.
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Asad Khan

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These are the people we need in the Parliament who can stand up for their country and countrymen, and young an enthusiastic and above all have stakes in Pakistan . Thumbs up to you bro, whatever you are doing is truly inspirational. (clap)


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ALL THE sharif's have to pay this blood shed soon then later... army and govt making terrorist day by day and the country breaking thanks to democracy...