Protest Outside Press Club Islamabad In Favor Of Ayaan Ali


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Seriously? That money she was laundering belong to citizens like you, knob heads. I am pretty much sure its funded protest like how they funded interior sindh citizens when bilawal was relaunched in karachi. I personally spoke to one of the guys who were walking down the road,asked if the jalsa was over. He replied, Fk bilawal. We are going to see the seaside lol. Money can't buy everythin that corrupts dont understand


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Itny log mil k agar 1 Ayan Ali ko insaan bana den to ziada behtar hoga, Ye ppp k jahil log jidar hota hai moun utha k nikal parhty hn.


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Aesay bagharton ka lia bhee kerai ka tattu mil jatay han yeah hay liberal civil society ****** ho in khabison per khabison ki tarafdari karne pr.