Professor Noam Chomsky on The Problems of Just War Theory

Bret Hawk

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This video might provide as an important stimulant and probably the first hand knowledge to the war mongering so called moderate liberals of Pakistan who are currently vying for the military operation against the armed splinter groups of Pakistani Taliban (TTP). I wonder these fascists might know a thing or two about the concept and theorisation of Just War and if not, which I quite firmly believe, then they should try to hear this influential speech of Professor Noam Chomsky delivered at US West Point Military Academy in 2006 so that it may enable their frantic minds to focus on the important ethical and value based principles of this aspect of civilisation which normally deals with crises and conflicts of a state in a civilized manner;

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I cannot see any Pakistani Kaley Angreiz on this thread to Label Professor as Professor Taliban :biggthumpup: The pro war type of liberals are scum of this world.