Popularity Of Tehreek-e-Insaf In The City Of Iqbal


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***** Gazoo's Dictionary *****


1. Adjective, derived from combination of two words 'DEMAGH' and KHARABI. Originally it was derived in Urdu language as Demagh Ki Kharabi. Over the centuries it became Democracy when the word traveled through various ages and part of the world.

2. A system of government created in early 1100A.D. in England, mainly to protect the kingdom at the time. As the democracy grew, it turned into hypocrisy and social destruction. People became more and more prone to freedom that allowed them to do what they wanted to do regardless whether their action is morally correct or not.

3. Democracy, as described above, is detrimental to Islamic society as it promotes social be-rah-ravi, porn, vulgarity, and make people politically impotent. It is noted that in countries such as US, UK, other European countries, India, where democracy is practiced, people do not revolt because they are kept busy with worldly and prohibited acts.

4. Social impact: Democracy provides people with arrangement of living together w/o marriage producing bastard children thus creating huge overhead on the country's social programs. Also, because children do not know who their father is, suffer from severe mental problems, committing crimes such as bank robbery, murders, kidnapping etc because they are kicked out of the house once they are of the legal age.

5. The word Democracy is also often described as a short term gain for a long term pain where as Islamic system gives people permanent happiness and inner peace. Alhamdulillah


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I would say media is playing an important role in it. As now PTI is only hope for the people of Pakistan due to its objectives and mission.(after Allah)