Politicians should tell Army Chief to stop giving orders - Orya Maqbool Jan


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Yeah yeah sure, youthees will do it....



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Time has arrived qaum should 100% delete these few gens yazeedi firouns. Due to their zulm looting for 75 years entire country suffered tremendously including our generation too. Pakistan is extremly resourcefull country due to these dareeyaas flowing from kashmir thru sindh. Everything looted. May allahtallah give heedayut to looters they are our own pakistani musalman brother possed by devil. Ameen


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True but by the time they reach major their goal is BILLION DOLLAR ASSET to become general until retirement and move abroad.

Zuburdust planning easy job since beginning 😂no wars no threats junior officers money from smuggling on india iran china border from currency to agruculture goods dead wild pigs meat rice human trafficking flat 10% cut each soldier. They all get 125 yards plot pluss acess to a army food kitchen basically some hard exercises and relax.

India or israel intrested to invade its tough to rule jahil people.

All superpowers who create proxy wars all over the world have given outdated technology to produce light arms, grenades , bombs, tanks, artillery messiles cheaply produced in taxila machine tool factory high daily production its never used for defence its for sale to highest bidder.

To fool us n superpowers and to get defence aid they create paid so called afghani super terrorist a show for us and the world. Killed their own pakistanis.

They shamelessly loot by taking 57% of yearly budget from parliament and make sure each and every member MNA or MPA national or provissional assembly aik number kaa chore so they alll happily loot while countrys infrastructure falling apart. All generations of pakistanis including ours their lives were destroyed due to no electricity water bad roads corruption at all levels total chaos. Export everything beside weapons n food.

Army gens fully cooperate with anybody for cash create new dangerous corrupt jahil jamaats so called political parties. They unite of each feudal lord from all provinces chaudhrys of punjab wadaerses of sindh sardars of balochistan and kashmirs and drug weapons lords khans of khyber pakhtoon and this way poor population keeps in check in villages fully manipulated and treated like slaves.
Suck steal IMF world banknloans in return these entities ignore for spieing n creating chaos in afghanistan iran against russia china and in indian oceans. Thru 3 evil harami agencies working for the huge empire.

Only soltution is imran khan or like him joosheela soft honest brave muslim leaders. Only soltution to destroy this ruthless mafia iblees dogs.

Its possible today if whole qaum in pakistan do sinciere tauba and get united thats it. When only allah knows. Sad but true ubh pakistanioun koe subh sumujh arahaa hae thx to allah then imran khan a true honest orignal muslim soul subhanallah. 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰


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Yeah yeah sure, youthees will do it....

فی الحال تو تیرے پچھواڑے میں پانی کی ڈنکی پمپ کی شافٹ کی طرح
آگے پیچھے ہو رہی ہے، حرامجادے پھوجی بیرک کی پیداوار