Policy Matters - 6th August 2011 - Hassan Nisar, Shaikh Rasheed & Faisal Raza Abidi


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On issue of karachi,only the blame game .Blaming each other whereas the ruling party have moral obligation to give peace and security to its citizens but instead they are themselves involved in killings because it has been proved by rangers and police who were present at the scene of killings that they dont have the order to shoot so one can draw the conclusion. PPP and MQM are just playing the cat and mouse game someone have to do something to control the situation. If "Mafias " are aslo involved ,they have patronage from high ups? If honest "SHO" are posted in those areas ,no one will dare to do the crime.problem is everyone involved and blaming others?
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MQM leaders are not there perhaps the are trying to find some lame excuse . This programme was waste of time, no positive point.


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Its good atleast Army Establishment (Mushi Group) have representative call Ba.G Hasan Nasar.

I hope army haters like you get your beloved Zardari as president and Bilalwal as PM for another 5 years. Pakistanion jaisee ghatiya quom ka yehee ilaaj hai.