Policy Matters - 27th may 2011 - Azam Sawati & Dr Moeed Peerzada - Pak-US Relationship


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I shall not watch Naseem Zahra's programme again,that is for sure.
if she wanted to conduct a programme just for herself and for her darling Peerzada then why the hell did she invited the guests for?
She makes me vomit to be frank,has not journalistic mannars at all,if she puts a stupid question and just wants peerzada to answer all the time then bloody say so. on top that she herself starts passing the comments on her own question, what a way to conduct a show?
if I was instead of the guest would have walked out of the studio rather then wasting my time.
Mr wasti and Marvi are speaking and reflecting the public sentiment but would she allow Marvi to express her views, to awake the public ?NO , Plum Nasreen has parrots in her mouth.
we have fake government and anchores are fake too .

Nation is in trumatized, it is almost checkmate ,USA has trapped this regime and the fake militry leadership.just look at the picture of the trio sitting in front of short blond woman as if death has fallen upon them.
OH Allah I just feel sorry for the soul of Mohammad Ali Jennah and the Soul of Allama Iqbal. also feel sorry for the our Shaeeds who gave life for the Gay leadership.
I also feel sorry for myself first that I do have power to remove the trators and fakes genrals and collectivly feel sorry for the nation who are just waiting for the check mate drama to unfold just like East Pakistan,Does any one recall that very name East Pakistan which now no longer exist?????? Does any one anyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? let me scream at leat
M.Kiani (Oxford)