Point Blank 19th May 2010 - Dr. Shahid Hussain, Dr. Guzala Nasim, Tariq Manzoor


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Prof. Dr. Shahid Hussain, Dr. Guzala Nasim, Tariq Manzoor and Ayesha Majeed in fresh episode of Poi ...



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Very alarming news. Hats off to luqman for bringing forth such a desperate issue. This is the attitude of teachers, lecturers and professors we all face in different universities who damn care about the career of the students. Point to be noted that neither of the lecturers ACCEPTED the responsibility and played blame game and words. I feel so sorry for those students, though they might not get anything by the end of the show but atleast they projected their true case... May Allah solve their problems. InshaALLAh
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ML is a good and forceful host. I suggest he should do a show on target killing in Karachi and invite both PPP & MQM leaders as both of these parties are responsible and support the killers. Education is very important issue but innocent loss of life is even bigger issue.


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Mr. ML please let other people talk when you invite them to your show. If you don't want anyone to talk why don't you do it alone? Everybody does not know everything all the time so its not a good idea to humiliate someone if they don't know the answer to your unexpected question.
They are responsible for advertising the degree program and taking students in before they got accreditation from HEC. The point you failed to take up in your useless buck buck!
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