PMLN is talking about bowing to a shrine, don't these politicians bow before their respective leaders - Haroon-ur-Rasheed


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This Kamran shahid lifafa will keep doing programs on this topic why can't he discuss performance of all parties instead.


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To honest, i dont think they are muslims (followers of NS and zardari)a muslim must believe in One God but they dont believe in God or after life, for them this World is eveything and their GOD is Nawaz Sharif, shahbaz sharif n so on, they dont have believe in Almighty that he is one responsible for rizk not CT or BT (Ns or Ss).

If they believe in Almighty they Would See what is right and what is wrong but again it depends on their belief.


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Don't worry, Sab jantay hai k PML-N hai hi aesi party jo,

- Khud dictators ki gaud main pali lakin khud hi dusro par establishment ki support ka ilzaam lagati hai.
- Khud gaalam galoch ki siyasat karti rahi hai aur ab bhi karti hai, lakin dusro par gaalam galoch ki siyasat ka ilzam lagati hai.
- Khud PPP/Benazir aur ab Imran khan k khilaf ghatyaa tareen personal attack aur propaganda karti rahi hai lakin dusro par ilzam lagati hai k aesi siyasat dusray kartay hai.
- Khud SC ko nahi maanti lakin jab PPP SC k faislay ko nahi maan rahi thi toh unhay traitor kehti thi.
- Khud Peero Faqeero ko maanti rahi hai lakin dusro par isi hawalay say ilzam lagati hai.

Etc Etc Etc
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