Perks of Supreme Court Judges


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What Nation is getting in return from Supreme Court Judiciary?

CJ Salary 537,865/m

SC Judge Salary 508,097/m

Allowance 235,463/m

Only Supreme Court Judges salary + allowances are being Approx RS2 Crore every month. Yet, most of them are corrupt.

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Are they making it HALAL for them by doing justice to their work???? The answer is a CLEAR NO. Then how can you expect 'good decisions & deeds' from someone who's been brought up and is bent on getting HARAM.


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Unjustified judges salaries have made them to do injustice in their decisions...they cannot understand the injustice in society


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Really thats a lot of money 2 crore/month for a judge
when a country has no justice judges live like kings
when a country has no brave men to defend themselves than their generals live like kings
when a country has no system of governance than its rulers live like kings