People of Karachi blame political parties for law and order situation is Karachi


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Re: Reminder...........?

Pk bhai vary good aur mehnat karo result nikalne wala hai.

aray Bhai inko ko result card pehley se mil chuka he GHQ ki taraf se ab to yeh sirf Israel ki taraf dekh rahey hein kab wahan se aproval aata he Chacha Gold Smith inke Sabiqa Susar jo thery


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This is very wrong to get comments of common man on such censitive issues also without bluring the faces, coz they might be targeted by ethinic groups.

Someone should tell this channel to stop this programme immediately or atleast blur the faces of people to prevent people from any bad incident.

very bad approach in city like karachi.


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Jasmeen with the relatives of those missing in recent violence, from Civil Hospital

What PPP is up to in Karachi



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پی پی، ایم کیو ایم، اے این پی دہشت گردوں کی ٹرائیکا


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this is the problem in pakistan when urdu speaking get murdered they say a pakistani got killed by unknown killer.and when pathan,punjabi,balochi,sindhi get killed they say poor punjabi,pathan ,sindhi,balochi,got killed by mqm target killers.these people have not got aclue about amount of urdu speaking and mohajir getting killed on daily basis.altaf hussain rightly ask international community to come and have a look what is happening in karachi.and then world will know who is killing these innocent urdu speaking.our bias and paid media will never expose actual target you can see tassubi people on siasat pk keep accusing mqm for every thing but never mind. as hazert ALI said HAQ KAY RASTEY MEY INSAAN AKELA HO JATA HAI MUGHER JEET HAMESHA HAQ KI HOTI HEY.after seeing these hatered mqm supporter getting more united and stronger.
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