Pakistani's view on Khalistan. Your perpective?

Indian Sikhs should look at Kashmir to understand what could potentially happen to them as well and that will be in the near future.

When India and Pakistan were divided in 1947, the Sikh leader Tara Singh, decided to stand with India despite Pakistan’s Jinnah offering Sikhs an autonomous Khalistan. One where Sikhs could live their life on their terms and in harmony, without interference from the Hindu majority.

The entire Sikh leadership was taken into confidence by the Indians with false promises and assurances that has till date, not seen the light of the day. Sikh being the gullible, innocent ones even inadvertently participated in the massacre of Muslims in Punjab at the insistence of the Hindu majority India. The fact remains though that the Sikh community never appreciated this nor were they involved by their own will. Tons of Muslims were housed by Sikh families and protected during those massive riots.

Sikhs and Muslims had been living together in harmony for decades until India hatched its plots to separate them. It was only around the 1960s did the Sikhs start noticing the Hindu domination India on one side and the Muslim dominated Pakistan, glaring at them from the other side of Punjab. Being caught in the middle with no importance from India and their promises dishonored, Sikhs started finding themselves wishing for an independent state. India being a step ahead, decided to divide Punjab to weaken the Sikh domination in Haryana and Punjab.

The Khalistan movement has been ongoing since then. The attacks at the Golden Temple, the infamous Operation Blue Star absolutely infuriated the Sikh community, which eventually resulted in the assassination of the Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. Sikhs are extremely kind and friendly but can be very dangerous enemies to have. Sikhs are now determined to get their independent Khalistan with the support of several wealthy and influential leaders living in the US, UK and Canada supporting them as well. Pakistan is now their new ally as its benefits have been constantly highlighted in mainstream media by several Sikh leaders as being the place which would provide Sikhs a safer place and the hope for an independent Khalistan. This is also great for Pakistan to have more people supporting it, especially in the time now where India’s relations with Pakistan is extremely strained.

Indian Sikhs should look at Kashmir to understand what could potentially happen to them as well. With a support from Pakistan, the possibility of Khalistan is much greater, and this is also the sentiment amongst Sikh communities world over today.

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well modi is going to make sure that all Sikhs understand that they will never be accepted by bigots in endia. sure there are good and bad people everywhere but endia today is full of shitheads and they want to destroy all minorities and sikh are no exception in this


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If you are speaking about khalistan then parts of PK comes under that as well, and if it ever happens pk should be prepared to give some land to them especually if pk decides to back them.