Pakistani gets coveted award for groundbreaking computer reseach


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Pakistani gets coveted award for groundbreaking computer reseach:

ISLAMABAD, May 7 (APP) - Basit Riaz Sheikh, a Pakistani Ph.D candidate at the Cornell University, the United States has become the first Pakistani to win the Supercomputer Design Award at Global Scientific Conference-2010 held in Grenoble, France.Basit has won the coveted best paper award for his groundbreaking research work in the state-of-the-art computer design, according to the information reaching here on Friday.

He is the son of former Additional Director General Riaz Sheikh of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).
The worlds fastest supercomputers are characterized by the number of offleading-point operations they can perform in one second. Basit has presented the design and implementation of a first high performance asynchronous floating-point unit.
Basit, a AVLSI Lab student at the prestigious Cornell University, has fully implemented transistor-level design that not only performed at 3.2 times higher speed, but also consumed six times less energy.
Basit Sheikh is conducting his research under an eminent scientist Prof. Manohar, who recently co-founded Achronix Semiconductor, a $100 million giga-scale asynchronous chip design company.




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