Pakistani Generals are Nation Breakers "Retd. Army Lt.General


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Menially slave Tahir Gora.

Admin you should remove this crap.

Tahir Aslam Gora has been critical of not just Imran Khan but every Pakistani who holds opposing views. Bet he doesn't care about plight of common Pakistani masses but just his fan base of right wing Indians (aka Modibhakts), Baloch separatists, Loya Afghanistan believers, Sindhudesh lovers and right win White xenophobes. He's just a sugar coated version of Late Tarek Fatah.

Have honour to get blocked by him, Fatah, Arif Ajakia and Arzoo Kazmi 😎😅


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There is no doubt about that. Pakistani army generals are terrorists and number one enemy of Pakistan. They have already broken Pakistan once and now they are working on breaking it into four more pieces.