Our politicians are beyghariat, beysharam, choor, daku aur naahil

Saladin A

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[h=4]Mun Ki Dunya Mein Na Paya Mein Ne Afrangi Ka Raaj
Mun Ki Dunya Mein Na Dekhe Mein Ne Shaikh-o-Brahman
Paani Paani Ker Gayi Mujh Ko Qalandar Ki Yeh Baat
Tu Jhuka Jab Ghair Ke Agay Na Mun Tera Na Tan
خوار جہاں میں کبھی ہو نہیں سکتی وہ قوم
عشق ہو جس کا جسور، فُقر ہو جس کا غیور
sultaanii-e-jamahuur kaa aataa hai zamaanaa
jo naqsh-e-kuhan tum ko nazar aaye miTaa do

jis khet se dahaqaaN ko mayassar nahii.n rozii
us Khet ke har Khoshaa-e-gundam ko jalaa do
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and you are even more shameless.......etc because you either voted for them or even didn't bother to go for vote

Saladin A

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People who keep on voting for these thugs and criminals are the real brain dead zombies. How could you elect a number no 1 choor as your leader and president and every crook and criminal as your representative in the parliament? Majority of these politicians are tried and tested many times and each time they have cheated, deceived, lied, looted and damagaed our country and yet people go on voting for them.

The fact of the matter is that Pakistani electorate are intimidated, bullied and threatened with their lives and possessions if they do not vote for the bhuttos', chaudaries, mians, legharis, bughtis, peerzadas, mukhdooms, waderas, PPP, MQM, ANP and other mafia leaders of criminal world.

Mr Hamza, please learn some manners and ethics before you use your pen and mouth and do not make a rude *** of yourself by attacking some one who has not offended you in any way.

Rana Tahir Mahmood

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What is the politicians breed in Pakistan you have to choose out of them. It is not possible that you can elect American or other developed nations individuals as Pakistani politicians. To whom you will vote out of Pakistani politicians? it is immaterial to consider that a doctor or engineer or any technocrat will come as politician because they have their own role in society.

Saladin A

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90% of the present politicians should be thrown out and sent to Mars with one way ticket. Have they done any good to or for Pakistan in the last 25 years but harm and more harm? They are bunch of criminals and greedy buggers who join politics to loot and pillage the country and make its 90% masses scrounging for a loaf of bread to feed their families.

No where in the world politicians with such obnoxious, notorious, malign reputation, character and criminal past as ours would be tolerated for a second.