Our crazy mullahs and their followers

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You are right CRAZY MULLAHS......
We need intelligent people like you to come and study religion, and teach us.
Can you please spare 10 years to memorize quran, learn hadith , learh fiqh , dars e nizami , mantaq etc.

If yes then we will be following you the day you complete your religious studies.

If you can not then what to blame others for what you your self are not willing to change.


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I never see ppl coming up with funny vedios abt science?

those who study medical science they save human lives, those who study abt atom's behaviour they come up with atom bomb(killing humans)

its all upto u.. God has given u sense.. use it when u can see who is a good molvi or a bad molvi... infact on doomsday, God will never ever give u benefit of doubt that u went astray cauz of mulla-xyz.. its a duty of all muslim to study hard and clear all ambiguities abt religion.. (everybody wants heaven, but nobody wants to die)

No one will bear the burden of other person's sin... its that crystal clear...


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Inhain shayed khud bhe nahi pata k ya nation ko divide ker k kya hasil karna chahatey hain ... in ki nazar bus 400-800 k crowd pay hai jo ya istarha hasil ker latey hain.


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[/HI] . You may be right but if they are "JAHIL" then why don`t you go to religious school and comes forward and do something different . instead of criticising of what is already exist. and im sure they are doing there best .I AM SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU SIR WHO ARE JUST COMPLAINING ABOUT THE SYSTEM AND SOCIETY DAY AND NIGHT BUT DOING NOTHING TO SOLVE IT OR BE A PART OF SOLUTION.


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Plato bhai..yeah joo molvi saab hein yeah hein..ap nay kiya kiya Islam kay liyay..aur kitna parha islam kay liyay..it is easy to pin point and say Mulvi is this and that..what have u dun in ur life..u will have to answer to that..worry about that..more that htis molvi..coz he will face Allah SWT and u will face Allah SWt..this is cheap talk..sitting on internet and making fun of molvis..i agree that this molvi is not doing the right thing..by screaming like this..and doing whatever..but make urself better so tomorrow u can take this molvi place..and be able to teach people the Islam the true way..App ghar beth kay video post karnay mein time waste kar rahay hoo..the world needs intellects molvis like you..
He is just making everyone around into a fool....and ends up proving himself to be so. But imagine hundreds and thousands of our people adore these crazies! Religion has really become an opium for our people....that is so tragic.


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Imagine how much this nation is hooked on these craz mullahs! What a tamasha!!!
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You are watching the full conversation from the initial stopping the person in the high street to The Shahadah. This is to demonstrate that it is easy and so that you can learn the technique insha-Allah.

Michael is a buisness man and has been doing a lot of searcing for the Truth. Here Alhamdulillah (Praise is for Almighty God) he reverts to Islam after only a few minutes!

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He is just making everyone around into a fool....and ends up proving himself to be so. But imagine hundreds and thousands of our people adore these crazies! Religion has really become an opium for our people....that is so tragic.

dont worry
people are enjoying. they dont take him serious and how can they follow this joker :)


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and for some stupid fools...who are telling others not to criticize....i think they are a part and parcel of this mullaiyat and they like it...so they cant bear this dirty face of such a nice and humble religion...

just a one liner for them....they are doing their part...which is "burai ko dil say burai samahjna" and thats all we can do...internet per bayth kar comment naee karein to or kia karain bhai....in ki tarah TOKAY lay kar nikal jain...ya sufaid chogha pehn kar ...pagree bandh kar...in ko kaafir qarar dein....they are doing what they can do in their instance....so let them do....!


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Only because we are illeterate thats why these guys take advantage and in so many cases even the educated behave more like illetererates.
I feel ashamed of what we have become. A religion like islam and look at us. Masha allah .. THese mullah uses our prophet (pbuh) for there own evil plots. To get them money to become popular. there cant be anything worst then this. How will they face our prophet (pbuh) in akhirat.
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