Options beside IMF and FATF


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According to recent update Pakistan and IMF have again hit a deadlock after PM refused to accept the tough conditions. What can Pakistan do in the face of tough and unrealistic conditions of IMF and FATF. There is no other opinion that IMF and FATF are doing this over the orders of USA and the ones who pushed Pakistan into this debt trap are shareefs and zardaris.
  1. Should Pakistan just accept it and take some money and exit it after a year or so
  2. Should Pakistan refuse the package softly and try to sustain itself without going rouge.
  3. Should Pakistan threat them to go rogue and take the steps like providing nuclear and missile technology to Iran and latin american countries, completing the gas pipeline project with Iran, allowing chinese and russians to dock their submarines and warships in arabian sea keeping an eye on a busy trade and oil route and many others to follow
What more options do Pakistan have? completing a imf program will further weaken the economy as it will make people more poor taking away their capacity to do investment and it will also increase the illiteracy as people wont be able to afford education moreover the increased inflation will further make establishment and PTI unpopular in public giving international agents who pushed pakistan into this condition a chance to come back in power .
What plan can Pakistan follow if it decides to take option 1 or 2


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Feel sorry for Imran Khan he is the most honest leader you can get but it has been made impossible for him to govern by the international establishment and their economic hit mens and message is being sent to our illiterate public that it is because of the present government that all the problems are so the people will end up voting for the crooks again and it will be a sure devastation for the country.

back to the future

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Exports and tourism Tax collections is key to payback loans.

Nothing else.
They have not succeeded in raising exports by any significant numbers
dawood has not micromanage export industry need to run the industry make it self sustaining only then you will be able to pay back these loans


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The only option Pakistan has right now to play smartly in US-Taliban negotiations. Just tell clearly to US that don't expect any cooperation from Pakistan if US is not supporting on Economic front.

On Economic front Pakistan has no option in short term other than IMF. If there is no deal with IMF means no loan from World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and funds from bond market. Pakistan economy is in a very bad shape.

It is USA and India which is pushing IMF to put such harsh conditions that are almost unacceptable to any country. If someone remember 2-3 weeks back 14 or 15 US congressman (mainly Indian supporters) wrote letter to US president to ask IMF not give bailout to Pakistan.
Since Pakistan is IMF member, IMF can't say no for bailout package the other way is put such conditions that are unacceptable to the country.


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Who were Ganjas and Zaleeldari representing in their tenures? Personal and western interests or the national interests. We cannot get 1000 honest people in all Pakistan for the judiciary and we are barking that we are a super power of the future. If Imran Khan fails then remember there will no more chances. Pakistan will be devoured by the hyenas and jackals inside and outside Pakistan.


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Who will give the order? The present judiciary cannot fart without Ganjas and Zaleeldari's permission. The Ganjas are not in power butt the power of Ganjian Mafia is beyond the common man's thinking


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Tax the rich, all those rich upper class peoplr that have avoided tax over decades.
Asap, govt should know abput them and how much they have too recover. A system of tax collection emergency.

NAB seem like they are shiyting around, so change the leader and bring in arif bhatti if possible. Opposition screams let them.

Sabir shakir fia leader........ Need to get things moving.

Imf and foreign powers want too make pakistan to go too its knees.

Bring in Imran Hossein for advice asap.....