Off The Record - 22nd August 2011 - Amir Liaquat, Naveed Gabol, Shahi Syed

Off The Record

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[justin]Off The Record with Kashif Abbasi - 22nd aug 2011 part2&channel=zemprivate5&archive_id=293223012[/justin]

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oh bai kashif abasi sahab apnay face per itna make up ka thobra maara hai itni dark lipstick insan origenal main hi acha lagta hai khaas ker admi per poora powder ka daba maara hai

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kashif abasi jitna make up face per aapnay laga ya hai itna make up to MAHAR BUKHARI BI NAI LAGA TI HO GI


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Dr. Amir Liaquat as political analyst? [hilar][hilar](clap)(clap) After being exposed as a fake religious leader now he is trying to take a chance in politic what suit him very best. Politic is about LYING, CHEATING and DECEIVING people, and he is BEST in it. :)


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Thanks kashif, I fully agree with dr.amir liaqat's views .He did show how patriotic and sincere person he is with pakistan but at the same time see what PPP is doing with this nation, acting on foreign agenda to dismember the country. I had written 3years ago after watching their governance that this govt is not sincere but also a bunch of traitors who are destroying the nation ,taking revenge from this country for the time Zardari spent in jail.He is not sincere with Bhutto's family otherwise he wont keep these people in the cabinet.Now I come to karachi where police is 100% politicised and also criminals are recruited in the police,this I am saying with some solid proofs, thats why police is not doing the job they suppose to do but instead they are killing the people in plain clothes. This will be verified after this govt is removed.MQM and ANP want the army to do the operation but PPP dont wants it ,why? There is something wrong somewhere- and that is ,their involvement in target killings. Mr. Kiani ,in the interest of the nation and its people ,to save the both, take action in karachi and save the lives of innocents. PPP is acting like mad dog and dont care about the citizens of pakistan but you have the power to save our nation and its citizens. I smell the big conspiracy against pakistan so getting little late might be too late.For God sake, save the nation and its people from more suffering .Nation and pakistanis have taken a very big bath in its own blood,please dont wait anymore.we can bring back the system when we have the nation if there is no nation then what kind of system we will be looking for ? This govt have to go because they have shown how much they are sincere and patriotic .Everything is destroyed ,economy,institutions ,law and order. All these politicians have to go through the accountability of corruption and patriotism? what this govt have done to this nation, deserve ***** in public ?
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instead of avoiding this fake doctor , channels have started inviting him in different position............ how can this nation go for peace and harmoney where looters , fakes and corrupt are given higher place in the society,,?