Nuclear technology can produce 4,500 MW power: A.Q Khan


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Lahore: Nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has said that energy crisis in Pakistan could be overcome by producing electricity from nuclear base as 4,500mw electricity could be produced with the help of the present nuclear infrastructure in the country.
It is a dilemma of the country that technical people are not being involved in any project, he observed during a frank discussion with the faculty and students of Allama Iqbal Medical College here on Wednesday.


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Diesel Mafia ye hone nahi dega....... na wo import karne dega, na china se, na gas se banane dega..... aap ko electricity sirf Diesel se hi banani hogi.... warna Diesel Mafia naraz ho jaega..... jie Bhotto, Jie Nawaz, Jie Altaf, Jie Asfand, Jie Fazlooooo, awaam maray to kia howa....... not a big deal...

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To all Pakistanis

Whichever party we support PLMN, PTI, MQM or any other party, our mission is development of Pakistan and our common problem is electricity.
We should demand the current Govt and any coming Givt to get services of Doc sb to solve the problem of electricity.



Nuclear energy is one of the most expensive energy generation.

Why bother to invest in Nuclear when we have gas, water, oil, coal and wind available.


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Tum ko cherney ka maza hi kuch aur hai poora forum aik taraf tumari post aik taraf mugh ko sirf tum ko benaqab karna hai kaash tumari khubsurath shakal dkhna bhi naseeb hoo jaisey tumari zuban dekhi hai baqi iranion ko jitni marzi gaaliaan co i dont care kion key majoosi irani hain hi iss qabil phir bhi tumarey imam bhi majoosi irani kion hain ? Per tum iss ko naheen samagh saktey kion key baath buhath oonchi hai aur tum kotah qad hoo waisey irani jo tumara wasel use kerrahey hain iss ko zara explain kerdo oh sorry tum iss qabil thori hoo chalo koi baath naheen khoob iranion ko galian do kion key woh tumarey imam bhi wohi they majoosi irani shwa menda saeen laga reh.
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Our common Problem is CORRUPT and INCOMPETENT leaders. Unless this is solved we will keep on having issues. PTI and Imran are the only one who can bring real change in the country. PPP and PMLN were failure in all the previous and/or present governance.