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New Osama Bin Laden Video Tapes Appear To Be Fakes

By Lee Rogers
May 8th, 2011

The Department of Defense recently released what they say are new video tapes of Osama Bin Laden that they claim were obtained from the alleged raid of Bin Ladens Pakistan hideout.

These new Bin Laden video tapes are being sold by the corporate controlled media as evidence proving the official conspiracy theory surrounding Bin Ladens death.

The authenticity of almost all Bin Laden or Al-Qaeda related video or audio tapes that have been released following the September 11th attacks have been questioned and even declared as fakes by many independent researchers.

These new Bin Laden clips are no exception as there are many obvious common sense questions that arise when one takes a critical look at this footage.

One of the video clips shows what the Department of Defense claims is Bin Laden with a grey beard watching news of himself on television. The video footage is shot at such an angle so that it is impossible to see the full facial features of the man in the clip.

There is simply no way to identify that the man in this footage is in fact Bin Laden. In fact, the man in the clip could be almost anyone, including an actor playing the role of Bin Laden. It is simply absurd to believe that this particular clip shows real video footage of Bin Laden but that hasnt stopped the corporate controlled media from declaring its legitimacy.

Three of the four other video tapes show Bin Laden wearing the exact same clothes as he wore in a 2007 Bin Laden video release only with different backgrounds inserted.

Today it is very easy to manipulate images and video using any number of image and video editing software packages and it is especially easy to manipulate backgrounds such as was likely done in this situation. In fact, even the 2007 Bin Laden video release was criticised by independent experts as having been manipulated.

Although we dont know 100%, it is very possible that these clips are nothing more than old video footage manipulated with new backgrounds to make people believe that they are watching new video.

But the real problem with these supposed new Bin Laden tapes is that the Department of Defense conveniently decided to release them with the audio stripped out. The rationale behind this was that the audio of Bin Laden would indirectly help contribute to Al-Qaeda propaganda. This is a weak excuse because if this was in fact legitimate new video of Bin Laden, the audio would have been included so its authenticity could be conclusively determined by independent researchers. If Bin Laden did in fact die as they claimed he did, there would be no reason not to release the accompanying audio. By not releasing the tapes with audio, it makes the Department of Defense look as if they are hiding something.

On top of this, the so-called new tapes show Bin Laden looking much healthier and even younger than he did compared with clips of him released in 2001. In fact, many in the corporate controlled media said that Bin Laden did not appear to be well and looked sick in the 2001 video clips. Bin Laden was even said to be on a kidney dialysis machine dating back to 2001, so it is doubtful that years later he would look significantly healthier. Of course, we dont even know if the person in these tapes is the real Bin Laden to begin with. Even the CIA has admitted to creating take Bin Laden video tapes, which raises even more questions as to their credibility.

Simply put, there are a myriad of questions surrounding these alleged new Bin Laden tapes and they do nothing to provide any sort of evidence that Bin Laden was killed in the manner that has been claimed by the establishment. The release of Al-Qaeda related material over the past decade has reached cartoon like proportions and there is simply no reason to believe any of it. Bin Laden has been nothing more than a manufactured enemy designed to unite the American people in supporting a fraudulent war against terror that by its definition can never be won. There is simply no evidence proving that these Bin Laden tapes are real and considering the previous track record of incredibly suspect Al-Qaeda related material over the years, these so-called new tapes should also be placed in the same category.


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well, we should not allow this kind of propoganda to come in the media, as we obedientely obeyed USA and we dont want that image to shatter, after all we are a nation in desperate need for dollars!!!!!


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Thanks for sharing. I believe the US media is only targeting the population in the USA as you will not find people with such low IQ anywhere else in the world. these people will believe anything that FOX can dish out. rest of the world, well they are all in that bandwagon so they try to repeat the same mantra.
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