Narendra Modi Slapped Pakistan and in response Nawaz Sharif send Mangos to his brother


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There was no scheduled visit of Chinese President, Chinese Foreign minister already denied that any visit has been canceled.


you forgot to mention, NS stopped chinese presidents visit to Pak as well...

Rameez Chaudhry

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Nawaz Sharif sends Mango to Narendra Modi

New Delhi- The mango season may be on its last leg in India but in Pakistan the fruit is still sweet enough to temper the bitterness in ties between India and Pakistan.

After the recent acrimony over Pakistan high commissioner Abdul Basit's meeting with separatists, which forced India to cancel the foreign secretary-level dialogue, PM Nawaz Sharif has made an attempt to reach out to his counterpart Narendra Modi. Sharif, according to top sources, sent a box of choicest Pakistani mangoes, mostly Sindhri and Chaunsa, to Modi, reported Indian media today.
The mangoes, all personal favourites of Sharif, were delivered to Modi through "official channels" on Wednesday evening. Sharif's mango diplomacy, according to diplomatic sources, not just seeks to undo the damage to ties caused by the cancellation of talks but is also meant to act as a feeler from Islamabad that Pakistan is looking forward to a Sharif-Modi meet later this month in New York on the sidelines of UNGA.
Pakistan has so far not made a formal proposal for New York and is likely to wait for a response from the government to Sharif's mango outreach. Despite Modi's "proxy war" remarks against Pakistan, Sharif has avoided any confrontational exchange with India with his foreign office reiterating that Pakistan wants an improvement in relations with India. Sharif himself has been besieged for the past several weeks by thousands of anti-government protesters seeking his ouster under the leadership of Canada based cleric Tahirul Qadri and Imran Khan.
Apart from Modi, Sharif sent mangoes also to President Pranab Mukherjee, Vice President Hamid Ansari and foreign minister Sushma Swaraj. "The message seems to be one of sweetness as symbolized by the mangoes but we'll have to wait a little longer to see what lies on the road ahead," said a source aware of the development.
Sharif's gesture is significant also because it suggests that the Pakistan PM is confident the storm in Islamabad will blow over without any serious consequence for him. With the Pakistan army refraining from moving in, Sharif has managed to dig in his heels despite demands by Qadri and Khan for his exit. He has also been helped by several other political parties who have rallied behind him saying the protesters are targeting not just the government but all democratic forces in the country.


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Re: Nawaz Sharif sends Mango to Narendra Modi

Noora Butt bhi AMB lainay jaigaaa modi ke paas pehlay Bhi Noora Butt AMB lai karr aayaa thaaa abb phirr AMB lainaay jaaigaaa


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Re: Nawaz Sharif sends Mango to Narendra Modi

Iss ki zindagi khaney sey shoro hoti hai aur khaney pey khatam hoti hai .narendra damudar das modi is very intellegent man .nawaz shariff jaisey 500 ko beech k kha jaye gaa aur inn ko pata b nai lagey gaa . We need best brains to counter him
Bhi, India released water and provided faulty data as per our TV. And we are sending mangoes.

I hope its not true..but if it is (which I would say it probably is as Hindu is the worst animal on the planet) then Pak should invite Modi to Pak and then give him to some people who can perform lawatat (this may be a difficult word for many pootian to comprehend) on him


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Re: Nawaz Sharif sends Mango to Narendra Modi

He send mangos to close confidantes only!!!!


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That is called tacts in international politics and diplomacy.We forgot so quickly in past Dictator Musharraf refused to salute Wajpayee on his arrival at Lahore but later on same Mush shaked hand with him and licked the shoes of USA.