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Insan ko Insan ki gulami say nikal kay Allah ki gulami may lanna.. Nifaz-e-Shariat aur Qital fi sabil allah.


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جس نے اپنے نفس کی معرفت حاصل کی اس نے رب کی معرفت حاصل کی .
سرکار ص کا فرمان ہے کے جہاد نفس ہی جہاد اکبر ہے
The above pictures are from a campaign run in USA giving alternate meaning to Jihad and presenting a wishy washy picture of Islam.

Qital and Jihad, the terms are used in Quran interchangeably refers to Fighting in the path of Allah. To be more clear for the sake of Ameri-Muslims, Fighting in battle field where you kill and get killed for the sake of Allah that's what JIhad/Qital is.