MQM will shut down London on 2nd August 2015


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I hear MQM plans a protest like no other in London on 2nd August 2015

The BIGGEST MQM event EVER in my hometown..........

I am thoroughly looking forward to MILLIONS of Brits demonstrating remonstrating and protesting

the GREATEST injustice in the history of mankind the World and creation itself has EVER seen

which is that Altaf Hussain being arrested questioned and bailed in Money Laundering and Murder cases

The BRITISH FASCIST ESTABLISHMENT conspiring against the "Mohajir" Nation will be exposed

The MOTHER of all CONSPIRACIES against the innocent "MOHAJIR NATION" will be exposed when

10 Downing Street is reminded that it is in cahoots with the "International Establishment"

by 500 million Brits gathering outside 10 Downing Street shouting "ALTAF ALTAF ALTAF"

From Lands End to John O'Groats there will be only be ONE voice "Altaf Altaf Altaf"

The Countdown has begun..................... The whole of Mankind is standing still waiting

in anticipation of the future of mankind will be decided

Altaf the Saviour is about to teach us all how powerful he really is ..........

Can't Wait..........
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It could if MQM would allowed by UK govt to have an army of gangsters in London as well.

There would be a 'Thaathay Maarta Huwa Samander' of 10-20 people

BTW London tu Choray, Rangers nay aaj kal MQM ku Karachi may be Khasi kia huwa hay.
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umer amin

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لندن ہے کہ پان سگریٹ کی دکان ہے . مہوش بی بی کو ہم سب سے پیسے لے کے طافو کالے کا علاج کروانا چاہیے .


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برطانیہ مہاجروں سے اس بات کا بدلہ لےرہا ہے کہ مہاجروں نے ان کو ہندوستان سے بھگا دیا تھا اور پاکستان بنایا تھا ۔ برطانوی قوم بھی پنجابیوں پٹھانوں ،سندھیوں بلوچیوں ، افریقیوں، امریکیوں، چائینیوں،جاپانیوں لاطینی امریکیوں،یورپینوں، کی طرح مہاجرں کے لیئے دل میں تعصب رکھتی ہے ۔
مہاجروں نے الطاف کو تحفہ خیرسگالی کے طور پر بھیجا تھا انہوں نے اُسے'' سگ'' سمجھ لیا ہے
منجانب :-ایم کیو ایم را-بھتہ کمیٹی ۔۔


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If it happens, Jang group will say that millions of people attended that from all across the world, and the attendees were very excited and making slogans and chants on the "corrupt" system, which is pushing Mohajirs against the wall in Pakistan. I personally saw one of the "Huge" protests of 20-25 people in Chicago by MQM in 2013 as published by Jang group (trust me I saw with my own eyes, the next day Jang published that thousand of people attended the protest). Media and especially jang in pakistan is on pay roll of these politicians now a days, can make hero or zero in a day.

Altaf Lutfi

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اوہ مایؑی گاڈ ! اتنے بڑے واقعے کا تو آسمانوں میں بھی فکرمندی کے ساتھ انتظار کیا جا رھا ھوگا، یہ ایک مریل سی چوھیا پھُول کر دیوھیکل بِلے میں کیسے بدل گیؑی ؟؟
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