MQM accused to be behind Murder by Dr. Qureshi


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This is exactly what I do; criticism is based on the policies, criminal acts and activities of MQM.

If you want to close your eyes from the facts, it is your choice others can see the facts.

Lies what lies? The material is printed, it could be an excuse in Pakistan, but in UK, the defamation laws are well established. Dr. Qureshi is in the UK, sue him if he is telling the lies, who is stopping you?

Your criticism is, im sorry to say, mostly based on lies and false propaganda, when you posted the census thread you didnt post any proof to back it up... The Rehman Malik thread was based on your personal opinion and nothing else... And this thread is based on information that has not been again backed up by any proof whatsoever at all and by an online blog that has been proven by MQM to be run from Mansoora. If they changed their IP address after MQM exposed them that does not mean they are right now..

Is this 'newspaper' listed? Is this issued? In the UK i mean.. I think not...

Do you have brain to understand the consequences?

:lol:I think I do... Consider myself quite samajhdar... :P

No excuses whatsoever, MQM not suing are simply a fact, they know they cannot win, plus it would expose them to no ends.

Imagine, they sue in the Courts and in the Courts proofs presented of their or their supporters involvement in killings or terror activities? Alternatively, they could not prove their case of defamation against the writer.

Can you imagine the consequences of MQM failures for the party, AH and other leaders sitting in the UK?

That is your personal opinion. If for example MQM sue this newspaper and it turns out it isnt even registered in UK? Or if they sue and the trial is televised in Pakistan which undoubtedly it will be, what of the publicity? And why the MQM must look after every rag that calls itself a newspaper? There are rags such as this publishing such news against all the parties...

MQM is simply capable of any and every kind of evil on earth, absolutely no doubt about it, Ashura blast is not an exception or a bridge too far for them.

Sad to hear that from you. Im not going to argue over this because its just laughable and ridiculous that any party of Pakistan would do something like this. And for your information whatever shops were burnt down in that tragedy are being or have already been rebuilt and handed back to their original owners. And people and like you and the lie machine never mention that..

Millions in Karachi and elsewhere love MQM with their heart and sole and with propaganda such as this that love and dedication will only increase. Try and come up with whatever you can we have all heard it before.

Remember the Major Kaleem case? Hakeem Saeed murder case? Jinnahpur conspiracy? They were all false propaganda and were proved thus. Then people were convinced that MQM was responsible did all this and the truth came out eventually.

As for his comments, don not worry, slowly and gradually I will bring material to present a convincing and prima facie case of MQM guilt and crimes.

Good luck with that. I can give you quite a lot of links to the lies people come up with against MQM but I rather you find it all by yourself. Merry hunting!

And I looked at thelondonpost website. It doesnt show you how you can get the published newspaper, the subscribe button doesnt work. All it lists is a bunch of email addresses. Is it even published?? Or just an online blog??
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Guys I don't get you. Why you people all get angry and start replying to all MQM posts. They are not worthy of your time. MQM is a Karachi based party and can not get a single seat in Punjab. Time will tell. The biggest jalsi of Asian history was a good slap on their face but do they learn??
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