1. GTV Pakistan

    1st Murder 2020, Sana 15 Year Housemaid Killed by Owners In Lahore

  2. Asad Varda

    ’کانسٹیبل زویا کو اس لیے قتل کیا کیونکہ وہ کافر تھی‘

    ’کانسٹیبل زویا کو اس لیے قتل کیا کیونکہ وہ کافر تھی‘ گڈانی سینٹرل جیل میں 23 سالہ لیڈی کانسٹیبل زویا بنتِ یحییٰ کو تشدد کا نشانہ بنا کر قتل کرنے والی تین روسی خواتین نے جرم کا اعتراف کر لیا ہے اور ان کا کہنا ہے کہ زویا کو اس لیے قتل کیا کیوں کہ وہ ’کافر‘ تھی۔ انڈپینڈنٹ اردو سے بات کرتے ہوئے...
  3. A

    Murder Attempt on Donald Trump by a British Boy

    alternate link
  4. R

    SAMAA News report on Facebook love story between Pakistani guy & American girl

  5. M Ali Khan

    Noose tightes around Altaf Hussain MQM update Noose tightens around Altaf By Abdul Khalique Ali July 19, 2013...
  6. TONIC

    Breaking News: Bomb Blast in Azizabad 4 Injured

    Bomb blast near MQM sector office, 2 dead so far.
  7. Z

    MQM member threatening to murder jamaat e islami member live

  8. mrcritic

    Karachi 6 years bloodshed record

  9. mrcritic

    American mother fatally shot her 17-month-old son and 4-year-old daughter

    TUCSON, Ariz. Authorities say a mother fatally shot her 17-month-old son and 4-year-old daughter and then injured herself.Tucson police declined to release the suspected motive behind Saturday nights shooting and declined to explain specifically how 25-year-old Perla Morales carried out her...
  10. Doctorplato

    The murder of history in Pakistan

    Listen to how real history was distorted and murdered in Pakistan. And how the youth of this nation has been fed on lies for years and years:
  11. mohib

    Investigators stumble on Hakim Said murder clues (Letter recovered from Dr. Imran Farooq's House by

    LAHORE: A letter likely to point to the murderers of former Sindh governor Hakim Said has been allegedly recovered by Scotland Yard from the house of slain Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Dr Imran Farooq. Earlier, several MQM workers, allegedly involved in Saids murder on October 17...
  12. Ammad Hafeez

    Zulfiqar Mirza used Quraan to mislead everyone over Wali Baber Murder Case : EXPOSED

  13. E

    No one arrested from Karachi airport relating to Imran Farooq's murder: Rehman Malik

    Geo News is Rehman Mailk as saying that no one has been arrested from Karachi airport related to Imran Farooq's murder
  14. PkRevolution

    Should MQM, ANP and PPP allow to take part in next elections after involvement in Karachi murder?? I

    In my Opinion all of these three parties should be banned to take part in next elections and huge amount of fine should be charged. Party who call for strike should pay also the economical loss of business sector for that day. Untill these parties reform their structure and seperate themselves...
  15. C

    MQM Involved In convener Dr Imran Farooq Murder

    ISLAMABAD – The murder case of MQM convener Dr Imran Farooq is nearing its conclusion as the secret agencies nabbed three suspects in Pakistan some days back, while the British police conducted raids in London on Thursday. Khalid Shamim, who also belongs to Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) is...
  16. L

    Imran Farooq Murder: Two suspect arrested in Karachi.

    Imran Farooq Murder: Arrests in Karachi and London
  17. Adeel

    WikiLeaks Video - U.S. Army shooting people like it's a video Game

  18. H

    A man stages murder of her wife with his Girl friend

    His wife with two sons. Kashif and with her lover Stephen. New Jersey: A young couple of Pakistani descent, walking their son in a stroller, was struck by gunfire on a New Jersey street...
  19. Kal Tak

    Kal Tak - 1st August 2011 - Muhammad Aslam - Benazir Murder Case Appeal

  20. mrcritic

    British police kept 150 murder victims' body parts!

    By Indo Asian News Service, IANS London, July 30 (IANS) Two police departments in Britain secretly kept brains and hearts of at least 150 murder victims for years and did not inform their families, an official review has found. While the Avon and Somerset Police revealed it kept brains, hearts...