Miracles and Indian Media ! :)

foqia khan

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talking photo of Sai Baba was circulated in India as a miracle. It even made the news, and fascinated everyone. The only problem was, it was made using technology.
Please see the original video and the truth behind it.

Sai Babas talking photo. Watch

Truth behind the photo. Watch


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Thanks for telling the truth.

Americans can make Osama talking a wile ago....Why indians not...

They r good at making software .


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This is just to play with the heart, mind and emotions of Indian people those who are very innocent and know nothing about the
clever moves of some people who want to get benefits from these things. Indian media is playing a deterministic role in playing with mind set of Indian people to support such heinous acts for personal benefits. What a pity that these people have made Religion as a point of earning. IT'S SO SHAMEFUL.
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