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An embedded conflict within state..............where majority of people in third world countries are loaded with the burden of govt. formation while those directly holding the direct responsibility of state security both from within and without are barred from having sense of statesmanship.............They are supposed to bear the burden of cleansing the mess of interest based conflicts of political mafias...............there is a dire need of reordering this distribution of DUTIES AND INTERESTS within a state.


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Ye cheapster fraudiya jo khud ko momin Pakistani likhta hay iski company "Midas Communications" hay. Iska betay Inam Akbar nay Punjab govt. ko fake invoices bhej bhej k kaafi nuqsaan pohanchaya and they are now blacklisted from doing any business with the State and are facing fraud cases. Inam Akbar has fled the country.

Undecalred weallth:

Running away abroad:

Punjab gov scam:!topic/pakistanipress/w7yACP6NwhQ

He is running another ad company himself and still making money due to his connections with people like Malik Riaz & Zardari.

The Judicial commission report on Media specifically names his Midas Communication as being a shady outfit which has been trying to influence media persons with bribes. You can goto the SC site and see the report if you like.

Goto bullet point 18:

Yahan Wadaich sahib isky column roz post ker ker ky isko "intellechhawal momin patriot" saabit kertay rehtay hein.
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