Mansoor Ali Khan Praises Imran Khan Infront Of Hamza Shahbaz

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I made the stupid mistake of watching this interview! Boy do I regret it!

Q: You guys couldn't produce any money trail?
A: Imran Khan this Imran Khan that.

Answers to all questions were. Imran Khan blah blah blah blah. So much so even Mansoor Khan has to butt in and say why do keep qouting Imran Khan everytime !

Genuinely suffering from Imran Khanophobia. IK has hit them so hard, uth'tay, Bhait'tay, jaag te, soote har waqt in ke sar per Imran Khan sawar rehta hai.


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Mansoor is a certified lifafa like asma shirazi Javed Ch etc don't trust him.

There is not a SINGLE media person that can be trusted. All of them are opportunist just like politicians. We have all seen them change colors as political climate changes.

There are ready to sell their zameer for money, publicity, ratings. And they too claim to represent the ppl.

Thanks to social media they stand exposed.

With that said, currently imran khan of show "Takraar" seems most balanced. But doesn't mean he won't change tomorrow either.