Looking for documents related to 1971 war West and East Pakistan

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Hi all
I am looking for historical information about 1971 war in Pakistan. If you were or you kw men a politician, army or civilian officer, Radio Pakistan, PTV or newspaper journalist who were involved in any way meeting between Bhutto and Sk. Mujibur Rahman, Aiyub Khan , Eahiya Khan or you have any audio, video, photo, newspaper cutting, or any other documents related to war PLEASE cooperate me. contact with me ---[email protected]


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its not needed . we Pakistani government never learn any thing form the past , and as sitting in a current government never follow our golden rules form any our own Islamic ways / form 1947 / 1971 war / any events within Pakistan.

that is why my own father told us the environment is always new so solution is also different .

Please do not write book, we Pakistani never read only using internet now.